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My name is Amy and travel is my hot addiction.

I’ve been seeing the world since I was 6, and the travel bug has never left. When I was 6, I moved to Moscow, Russia, for my dad’s work. While living there, I traveled to St. Petersburg, Lisbon and the Algarve, Paris, Dubai (thrice), South Africa, Marbella/Granada, Kiev, Warsaw, and Krakow, in addition for semi-annual trips back to the good ol’ USA to see our family. Being in airports and on planes became almost like second nature to me, and to this day I feel the most at home traveling.

After moving back to the States (to the Washington, D.C. area) in 2001, my family wasn’t able to travel as much, but we still got some good trips to the UK, France, Canada, Belgium, and Italy in. The summer following my junior year of high school, my AP US History teacher led a student trip through an organization called ACIS to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Salburg, Dresden, Munich, and Berlin. It was the best trip that 17-year-old me had ever taken, and I saw and experienced amazing things on that trip that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Rocking a traditional dirndl in Munich, circa 2009.

During my 4th year of college (I did 5 years), I spent my spring semester in London. I had been to London multiple times before, so I basically used being there as a convenient launch pad for me to travel around Europe, to places I either hadn’t been since I was 17 or places I had never been. During that time, I traveled all around the UK, as well as to Dublin, Galway, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Interlaken, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Taking in the views at the Colosseum in Rome in 2014

Almost immediately after my return to the US, I packed up and left again, this time for Dublin, Ireland to do a summer internship that I found through an amaaazing placement program called Gaelic Girl. I got to know Dublin like the back of my hand, and I explored Galway, Doolin, Kilkenny, Cork, Blarney, Cashel, and Belfast as well. Ireland has to be the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to, and is home to some of the nicest people I have ever met. I’ve been in a passionate love affair with that country ever since.

Becoming a Jameson Distillery Certified Whiskey Taster in 2014.
Becoming a Jameson Distillery Certified Whiskey Taster in 2014.

Since I graduated, I’ve done the typical job hunt. I did a political internship, quit that, and got a retail job that I do like because I love the clothes, get a sweet employee discount, and love my coworkers and managers. Ever since I came home from my semester and summer in Europe, I’ve been itching to travel again and I recently realized that I wanted to create a blog to share stories, tips, recommendations, and resources from my journeys, because I’ve racked up quite a bit of information over the years.

I’m leaving for a week in Dublin in 10 days, and I can barely contain my excitement. I’ll be sharing updates from my trip here, as I plan on doing things I didn’t do when I was last there, and since I’ll mostly be with a guy that I’m being romanced long-distance by, I’m hoping to see Dublin more from a local’s point of view. Stay tuned!



Next up: Dublin!

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